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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and exposing our students to a number of art media & techniques through instructional learning, games and performance. It's our staff's passion & love for the arts that makes us who we are! Join the fun with one of our camp sessions, private painting parties, or customized classes!

Our Mission is to provide our students with a quality education in a variety of art media, which will equip them with vital tools and techniques that will be essential throughout their adult lives. 

Artistically Me! was established in 2011 by Atlanta native & artist, Cassandra Sistrunk, with a goal of bridging the gap between standard school education and art education. We have been changing lives of students through art education by partnering with local schools, organizations, summer camps, and after-school programs by providing mobile classes in visual art, dance & theater. Backed by a passionate staff of educators and professional artists, Artistically Me! has grown into what it is today, an independent program with camps & classes of its own.


“While we were totally pleased with everything they did throughout the summer, the most outstanding part was the year ending program where they put on a play entitled 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.”


Willie Y.

Summer Camp Parent

Courses Offered


Hip-Hop dance is a broad category that includes a variety of urban styles. Students will explore this art form while learning about the history behind it.



Originating in the African American community, jazz dance showcases a dancer's individual style and originality. Students are encouraged to add their own personality making each step unique and fun.



Students will be exposed to stepping, a rhythmic performance art. It combines intricate footwork, foot stomps, hand movements, vocals, and handclaps.  Stepping is also an expression of unity.



Students will be introduced to the various elements of theatre and drama. Storytelling, creative writing, poetry, acting, and spoken word will be covered in this course.


Visual Arts

This course focuses on the creation of works using a number of media. Students will learn to manipulate pencil, paint, oil pastel, pen, and chalk to create original works. 

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